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Islamic Leadership Council of New York Statement on the Terrorist Massacre of Char
The Majlis Ashua (Islamic Leadership Council) of New York
Statement on the Terrorist Massacre of Charleston, S.C. 

(New York, 06/19/15)


It is with deep sorrow that we, in The Majlis Ashura (Islamic Leadership Council) of New York - the largest umbrella organization of mosques and Islamic organizations in the United States - offer our condolences to the community and families of the innocent victims of bigoted hatred in AME Church in Charleston, S.C.. Charleston Massacre is squarely a resist act of terrorism. We extend our heartfelt condolences and offer continued prayers on behalf of the fallen victims, families and community. "I have personally spoken with representatives of the Church to express our sympathies and our solidarity with their community," said Cheikh Ahmed Mbareck Executive Director of the Islamic Leadership Council of New York.


"This terrorist attack against a historical symbol of the African American community such as the Emanuel AME Church is symptomatic of a greater climate of racism and hate mongering perpetrated by extremist radicals through mass media."  Said Dr. Abdelhafid Djemil President of Majlis Ashur of New York.


Our American community has witnessed a significant increase in violence directed at minorities, whether through institutional means or through private militias, and so-called lone-wolf assassins such as Mr. Roof. As this church has withstood attacks in its history, we are confident that together with its community and faith-based partners, will once again shine as a symbol of faith, sanctuary, strength and survival.


The Council calls upon all community and faith-based organizations around the nation, to take the lead in making alliances and developing effective tools to combat racism, gun violence and the erosion of civil rights.


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