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News Letter Archive

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Newsletters Statemets

Newsletter No 00013 October 19, 2016 http://conta.cc/2eGLfh9 

News Letter No 00004 June 14, 2015 

Newsletter 00003 June 05, 2015 

News Letter No 00002 May 13, 2015 

News Letter # 00001 / 02/19/15 

Statements/ Press Releases:

July 24, 2015:
New Muslim Leadership Forum fo NY & NY Muslim Universal Calendar of Events &Request for Public Muslim Servants info

July 21, 2015:
Statement on Chattanooga s Shooting 

July 16, 2015:
Wishing You All a Eid Mubarack 

June 30, 2015: Ramadanic Message: Glory & Unity Are Worth It. Support

June 23, 2015:
Launching a New Website in the Blessed Ramadan Your Prayers? 

June 11, 2015:
Welcoming the Blessed Month of Ramadan: From the President of Majlis Ashura (Islamic Leadership Council) of New York

April 15, 2015:
Letter from the President of Majlis Ashura Dr. Abdelhafid Djemil to the community 

May 16, 2015:
Welcoming the Shura NY s new Executive Committee installed 3/15/15 

March 6, 2015:
Majlis Ash-Shura: Statement Eid Alfitr & Eid Aladha are now official holidays in NYC 

February 27, 2015:
ILCMNY: Statement on Arrest in NYC of Three Suspects 

February 14, 2015:
Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan NewYork: Statement on the ChapelHill Hate Muder of Three Muslim Americans

December 22, 2014:
Majlis Shura (IslamicLeadershipCouncil) of Metropolitan NY Statement On The Recent Killing Of The 2 Police officers

December 8, 2014:
Majlis AsShura (Islamic Leadership Council)of Metropolitan NewYork Statement about racial killings across the nation

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