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Statement on the Second Muslim Ban
Statement About the Second Discriminatory Muslim Ban

(New York, 03/06/17)
The Majlis Ash Shura (Islamic leadership Council) of New York condemns in the strongest terms President Donald Trump s latest version of the Muslim Travel Ban. By issuing another order targeting Muslims for unequal treatment and malicious exclusion  from the country, Trump insists on asserting his discriminatory ideology in contravention of the principles of the US Constitution and the American ideals of life, liberty and equality.  Not only has the administration displayed its anti-Muslim racism in this latest ban but Trump s open anti-Muslim racism has emboldened racists, leading to several murders of perceived and actual Muslims, and the burning of Mosques across the U.S. By describing Muslims and people coming from the Middle East as extremists and by marrying the terms Muslims and Islam to the terms "terrorism," "extremism," and "radical", Trump vilifies and criminalizes over one billion people and vilifies Islam. It is this sort of calculated and insistent mobilization of racism that is the real threat to this country and our values of freedom and equality.
We continue to believe in our people, the American people and we trust that they will serve as the Fourth Branch of the Checks and Balances on this Government; that they resist policies born of hate and racism and reject the injustices the seek to impose upon the Muslim community which is targeted for war abroad and for predatory, violent, and racist practices in the U.S. Thus, we call upon all our fellow Americans to continue standing in solidarity Muslims, and with all oppressed people, against this new ban and against all injustice.
As result of this second Muslim ban, we expect a spike in Islamophobia and hate crimes against our community and all minorities. However, We call upon our Muslim community members to continue their successes and excellent contributions, be vigilant but remain calm, engage in civic and political lives and reject this alienation attempt. We are considering our course of action in coordination with our allies and we will keep updating you every once in awhile.

 Majlis Ash Shura (Islamic Leadership Council) of New York

The Majlis Ashura is not only the backbone of the Muslim Community of New York. Rather, it is the backbone of all Muslim Americans. Therefore, to support the Muslim community against the discriminatory executive order and rising Islamophobia, support the Majlis.
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