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Our Services

Current Services

Maintaining One Unified Effective Body that Represents and Serves all Muslims inNew York
Resolving Conflicts
Leading Muslim public affairs , advocating for Muslim civil and civic rights and representing Muslims to Government Officials.
Raising Awareness about Civic Engagement among Muslims
Maintaining a Directory of Shura and non-shura Muslim Masajid/orgs. in NY
Providing  Chaplaincy/Rehabilitation
 Receiving Muslim Complaints
Conducting and supporting Dawa
Conducting interfaith outreach

Planned services

1. Grant Writing - Serving the Needy
2. Training MuslimLeader and advocates
3. Collecting and distributing Zakat.
4. Organizing a  Muslim Capital Day.
5. Please, Send Us Your Suggestions.



1- Admimistrative office established at 1350 avenue of the americas,manhattan

2- Initiation of majlis fund-raising khutab

3- Majlis Strategic Development Plan for 2014-2019 .developed and ratified

4- Stalwart defense of the constitutional, civil, and human rights of NYC Muslims in a major struggle against unjust NYPD policies, Convenors of a city-wide coalition of Muslim leaders and activists (the Strategic Planning Table), lawsuits toward that end joined, supoorted and initiated

5- Visible social justice stances on behalf of New Yorkers (Stop and Frisk, Occupy Wall Street, Minimum and Living Wage campaigns etc.) in coalition with interfaith and activist groups

6- Support for Muslims in struggle abroad (Rohingyan, Palestine, etc.)

7- support for the work of Muslim community-based organizations (i.e. Muslim Consultative Network, Women In Islam, Muslim Women’s Research and Development Food Pantry)

8- On-going work with elected officials (City Council, State Assembly, Congress, etc.)to benefit all New Yorkers

9- Worked with NYC Dept. of Finance, facilitating contact with masaajid in danger of eviction and foreclosure as the result of tax issues with the city

10- Registered 1500 new Muslim voters in our constituent masaajid, coordinated with Muslim political clubs to register new voters city-wide

11- Worked with the clubs to increase Muslims political participation and help elect a new NYC Mayor

12- Working with both the new mayoral administration, and that of the NYPD, to meet the needs of the NYC Muslim community, while preserving its rights

13- Serves as endorsement body for Muslim Chaplains for the prisons of New York City and state

14- Serves as an arbitration body for Muslims in need of mediation for conflicts within Muslim communities and organizations.

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