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Support Us

Please print, fill out, scan and email to us at shuranewyork@gmail.com or mail it to the address in the bottom. Otherwise write a check and send it to the same address.

     The Majlis ash-Shura of Metropolitan New York

Yes! I want to support the noble cause of Muslim unity, for which the Majlis ash-Shura has been working, and I promise to support financially as follows: (Please write your information clearly and fill out all stared fields?)

__ Monthly $_______           ,         __ Other $_______ 

*First name: ________________________________________________

*Last name:________________________________________________

*Street address_____________________________________________

*City, *State & *ZIP Code:____________________________________

*E-mail:________________________ *Phone: ____________________

*Circle one:  Visa | Mastercard | AmEx        

*Expiration Date: _______/_______________

*Card #:___________________________________________________

*Security Code: _________

I authorize the Majlis ash-Shura to charge my account the above amount

*Signature: ______________________________________

Please make a secure (PayPal) e-donation at www.ShuraNewYork.org, or by mailing your donation to the Majlis ash-Shura c/o Masjid Omar ben Abdel Aziz, 88-29 161st St, Jamaica, NY 11432. Your donation is “tax-deductible

Jazakum Allahu Khayran. May Allah SWT accept our efforts in serving Him and His creation, ameen.

How to Support Us

"Hold fast to God’s rope all together; do not split into factions. Remember God’s favor to you: you were enemies and then He brought your hearts together and you became brothers by His grace". The Qur’an, The Family of ‘Imran 3:103.

Following are the 4 ways you  can suport Majlis Ash Shura:


The Majlis ash-Shura is open to mosques and Muslim organizations to join as voting members. E-mail  shuranewyork@gmail.com  to request an application.

Click here to become a member

2. Become a Partner /  Supporter

  • The Majlis ash-Shura is open for partnership to individuals or organizations which are not eligible for it’s membership . E-mail  shuranewyork@gmail.com  to request an application.

Click here to Become a Partner/Supporter


  • Charitable and educational programs conducted by the Majlis ash-Shura depend on your generous support. Make an easy and secure donation on PayPal with your credit or debit card. Recurring monthly payments are ideal, and crucial to building our community’s infrastructure.

Click here to use PayPal

  • Checks and money orders can be mailed to: the Majlis ash-Shura c/o Masjid Omar ben Abdel Aziz, 88-29 161st St, Jamaica, NY 11432

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